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The smart PowerFleet® fleet management system is a great tool for your smart factory. Come with us on a virtual journey and get your fleet
ready for the digital age.

Increase Safety

The entire PowerFleet® family of fleet management systems has one thing in common: it enhances the level of safety for your employees and your industrial trucks. And it is fully digital. Only vehicle users who are suitably authorised and trained can use an industrial truck by logging into with their transponder. Before switching on and starting off, the users must answer safety questions via an electronic checklist, thereby ascertaining whether the vehicle is safe to use or requires servicing. These responses are then automatically sent to the workshop or maintenance team via WLAN. If there are no issues, the vehicle can be used. If there are serious defects, the user is automatically logged out. To improve safety, our system solutions also provide protection from accidents, injuries downtimes and enhance the productivity of your entire fleet and intralogistics as a whole.

Access Control

  • Freely programmable RFID data carriers
  • Details of driver’s name, vehicle(s) and usage times

Only authorised trained drivers can log in to the forklift truck using their transponder, such as their plant ID card, or their personal PIN code.

Electronic Safety Checklist

  • Flexible configuration of safety questions and levels
  • Checking the vehicle's condition before driving off
  • Automatic reporting to workshop
  • Determination of repair status, service requirements or maintenance
  • Automatic log out of driver in the event of major defects

Impact Sensor

  • Recording of impacts and accidents
  • Details of date, time, vehicle and driver’s name
  • Visual or acoustic signal
  • Real-time information via email or SMS
  • Flexible level settings

    Optionally: Creep

    If the industrial truck is put into creep mode, the driver must answer an impact damage checklist to reactivate it. Alternatively, a workshop colleague records the damage and reactivates the vehicle.

Reduce Costs

Using a digital fleet management system results in significant savings and improved processes in your
industrial truck fleet, materials management and other departments.

  • Plannable maintenance vs. rigid inspection intervals
  • Flexible procurement of spare parts vs. warehousing tying up capital
  • Responsible operation of your industrial truck fleet by trained and authorised drivers
  • Recognise and assess risks

Learn more under INCREASE SAFETY

  • Optimised vehicle and fleet use
  • Rapid and flexible response to changes
    ... and much, much more

Learn more under OPTIMIZE FLEET

Optimize Fleets

Do you also have these questions?

  • Can the scheduled handling of goods be dealt with using our existing industrial trucks?
  • Could we even do away with individual vehicles?
  • Do vehicles need to be modified and optimised?

The use of every single forklift truck can be efficiently analysed and planned with the aid of a decent, reliable database, consisting of the movement data for your industrial trucks combined with the smart identification of key performance indicators (KPIs). However, when completing your fleet planning, it is important to note that forklift trucks still need to be considered for special uses.

powerfleet dummy
powerfleet dummy

Big Data

Smart RFID sensors, sensor data and GPS signals provide huge volumes of data in real time that can then be analysed. Our software applications and sophisticated analysis tools automatically provide you with rapid results on forklift truck movements, condition, usage times etc. Information is broken down to the individual industrial truck and across multiple sites too. This provides you with insights that had not previously been possible.

Analysis and use of big data

  • Enhance the informational value of data.
  • Generate a comprehensive overview of operational scenarios.
  • Result in greater transparency for your entire fleet operation.
  • Provide the key basis for decisions to be taken on improvements.
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