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Fleet Management

Tailor-made fleet management.
Caters for any forklifts. For any fleet.


Does your fleet have just three forklift trucks, or is it made up of hundreds of industrial vehicles and
tugger trains? Do you have new or used vehicles? Are they different types or made by different manufacturers?
None of these matters to us. We guarantee to provide you with a tailor-made fleet management system.

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Our family of PowerFleet® systems is smart and manufacturer-independent.
It offers everything you'd expect from a modern fleet management system for industrial trucks, such as forklift trucks, as well as for other industrial vehicles.

  • They significantly increase the level of safety for your drivers and their entire working environment.
  • They reduce the repair and maintenance costs.
  • They increase the maintenance and service efficiency of your workshop.
  • They offer many information and analysis functions, allowing you to review and optimise the utilisation level of your fleet.
  • They increase the overall cost effectiveness of your intralogistics.

Manage your Fleet. At a Glance ...

Access Control RFID RFID RFID
Electronic Safety Checklist WiFi 4g WiFi 4g WiFi 4g
Impact Sensing WiFi 4g WiFi 4g WiFi 4g
Predictive Maintenance WiFi 4g WiFi 4g WiFi 4g
Reporting and Analysing Methods Basic Extended Versatile, scalable, ingenious
Data Communication WiFi 4g WiFi 4g WiFi 4g
System Integration     WiFi 4g
Productivity     WiFi 4g
Tracking     WiFi 4g

Interface connection for industrial trucks

Eight international forklift truck manufacturers already supply our standardised, analogue vehicle interface ex works, making it easier to install our hardware. Is your manufacturer not included? Not a problem, we can retrofit your vehicles on site.

We also offer an interface-based connection according to VDI 4458, should your industrial truck manufacturer have this system in place.

PowerFleet goes beyond intralogistics

Our fleet management systems solutions’ value is not limited to intralogistics, to fork trucks and comparable MHE.
PowerFleet® and our other products can be deployed on any powered industrial trucks, whether in airport logistics (ground support), DCs or any industry. They considerable add to safety and productivity in the operation of any fleet.

Installations include:

  • Tug Tractors
  • Tow-bar-less tractors
  • Ground Power Units (GPU)
  • Belt Loaders
  • Pre-conditioned Air Units
  • Scissor lifts
  • Boom lifts


  • Cranes
  • Earth-moving equipment and other types of powered industrial vehicles
  • Tapping trucks
  • Sweeping trucks
  • Pick-up Trucks and numerous other road / off-road trucks
  • Golf Carts


Let us approach your new fleet management project together.

How can we support you? Our sales team is looking forward to talking to you soon.