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The ultimate data processing centre.

Much more than just stacking.

PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE is the flagship product in our family of smart, manufacturer-
independent fleet management solutions. ENTERPRISE ensures extra safety and efficiency in large companies - or enterprises - with large and very large industrial truck fleets. Also multinational companies and across multiple sites.

Main Features

  • Access Control
  • Driver and forklift truck identification via RFID, iButton® or PIN code
  • Fully customisable electronic checklists
  • Impact damage recording
  • Alerts sent to driver, vehicle, group or the fleet with answer function
  • Real time location, indoors and out
  • Monitoring of temperature and/or oil pressure
  • Monitoring of handbrake
  • Job coding, for better evaluation of working procedures
  • Broad range of productivity analyses (log-in, travel, lift, load, idling)
  • Bi-directional data communication via WLAN oder 4G
  • Management Software VisionPro®, cloud-based
  • Scalable and modularly expandable
  • User friendly, intuitive operation
  • OEM-neutral

PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE. Flexible adaptation to your specific requirements at any time. Perfectly designed for large and very large industrial truck fleets. Also across multiple sites.

Optional Functions

  • Lift load sensor
  • Tow sensor
  • Monitoring of temperature and/or oil pressure
  • Monitoring handbrake
  • Real time location, indoors and out
  • Track tracking
  • Job coding, for better evaluation of working procedures
  • Alerts sent to a driver, a vehicle, a group or the fleet with answer function
  • Data integration with HR-, ERP- and WMS-systems
  • Broad range of productivity analyses (log-in,travel, lift, load, idling)

      ... plus many other high value features.


BigData 300x300System Description 

The ENTERPRISE forklift truck hardware, VAC4S (VehicleAssetCommunicator4S), records, communicates and continuously measures operating data from each industrial truck in a fleet. This is managed in our VisionPro® software. Radio-based, bi-directional data communication between each individual vehicle and VisionPro® happens in real time. All the movement data relating to your industrial trucks, such as operating hours, performance data and impact damage, are automatically sent as quickly as possible to the central database, to be read by your fleet managers on their laptops and mobile devices. Extensive and comprehensive analysis and reporting functions also provide solution-based analyses, allowing you to make potential adjustments to your fleet or undertake other strategic measures.   

Know what is happening where, and when. Objective monitoring. Insightful analyses. 


The System


  • VAC4S Communicator
  • Login via transponder, iButton® or PIN
  • Electronic Checklists
  • Data recording and communication
  • OEM-neutral


  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identificaion)


  • VisionPro®
  • Cloud-based
  • Big Data


  • WLAN
  • 4G



Software & Communication        

Our VisionPro® Management software is a proper data processing centre. Huge volumes of data, taken from large and very large industrial truck fleets, are captured, communicated, bundled together and analysed immediately. This allows key decisions on changes within your fleet and entire company to be taken quickly and with confidence. The comprehensive software functions and sophisticated reporting give intralogistics companies a constant and up-to-date overview of the status and utilisation of their fleet, as well as full control over it too. Information is broken down to each individual industrial truck, regardless of the vehicle type or manufacturer. And it can also be done across multiple sites too.

Big Data: not a problem with ENTERPRISE.
Now you have more time to focus on the things that matter within your area of work.  More About Big DATA

BigData 1936499776 sw edge

We host the VisionPro® application on the private cloud in a Tier4 data centre. The application is entirely web-based, with a maximum downtime of less than 0.8 hours p.a. Availability in excess of 99.98% is guaranteed. Our customers can rest assured there is no maintenance required, with the latest version always provided. The application fulfills all GDPR requirements and also complies with all EU regulations on the secure storage of data.

powerfleet dummy

Our flagship product

The idea behind a smart forklift truck management system has been around for more than 25 years. At the beginning, our transponder-based system solution was primarily a safety system, and was simply called PowerFleet®. Thanks to ongoing collaboration with our customers’ companies, industrial truck manufacturers and other partners, PowerFleet® has been developed further on an ongoing basis and has since been transformed into a complex data processing centre. Nowadays, our proven showcase fleet management system has a smart name – PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE. It is used on hundreds of thousands of industrial trucks all over the world. We continue to develop ENTERPRISE all the time; a system that is always at the heart of the latest trends and two steps ahead as well.

Let us approach your new ENTERPRISE fleet management project together.

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