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PowerFleet® ESSENCE

Easy forklift management. No I.T. needed.

PowerFleet® ESSENCE is the ideal entry level fleet management system for small forklift truck fleets. With ESSENCE, you can benefit from the primary, essential and most important advantage of a smart fleet management system, namely greater safety. For forklift trucks, their drivers and the entire intralogistics.

Management in the web application. No IT department required.

Main Features

  • Access Control
  • Driver and forklift truck identification via RFID or PIN code
  • Electronic Safety Checklists
  • Impact sensing and recording
  • Data processing in the App
  • Bi-directional data transfer via Bluetooth
  • Easy installation and out-of-the-box use
  • Intuitive, user friendly operation
  • Low investment costs
  • OEM-neutral
  • Optionally: seat belt and seat switch sensor

PowerFleet® ESSENCE. Ideal for fleets of three and more forklift trucks.


System Description

The PowerFleet® ESSENCE fleet management system has just two system components: the OC53 forklift truck hardware and the management App. Once you have installed the hardware and downloaded the app, you will have full capacity for your digital fleet management system with immediate effect. No IT connection required. The RFID-based system works in a virtually out-of-the-box way. Only authorised drivers can use the forklift truck assigned to them; they must also identify themselves using their transponder or PIN code. Prior to driving off, drivers are also obliged to respond to an electronic safety checklist, documenting how safe the vehicle is. If they have answered all of the safety questions affirmatively, they can then drive off. While a job is ongoing, the forklift truck hardware will continuously register all of the vehicle and safety-related movement data. Impacts or accidents are also recorded via the integrated impact damage sensor. The strengths of ESSENCE include

  • enhancing the safety of forklift trucks, drivers and the entire working environment,
  • making repair costs and the procurement of spare parts more predictable, and
  • making it easier to plan maintenance intervals.

Low investment costs involved. Simplicity. Flexibility.

The System


  • OC53 Operator Console
  • Login via transponder or PIN
  • Electronic Checklist
  • Data recording
  • OEM-neutral


  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)


  • Control Center App

Simply download App from the AppStore (iOS) on iPad or iPhone.


  • Data synchronization within 30 m
    via Bluetooth




powerfleet dummy

Software & Communication

To manage your fleet, simply download the Control Center app and then create the master data, which can be adapted at any time. Data are automatically compared and communicated between the app and the forklift truck hardware within a range of 30 m, as well as using smart technology via Bluetooth. All data relating to the forklift truck usage are sent in bundled analysed format directly to your iPhone or iPad. So you can manage your entire fleet virtually at the touch of a button.

No longer reams of paperwork or transmission errors.

Are you looking to grow?

If your fleet is growing, ESSENCE will grow with you.
PowerFleet® ESSENCE can be expanded at any time to the next level PowerFleet® EXPERT system solution.
There is no need to switch the vehicle hardware.


Let us approach your new fleet management project together.

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