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Artificial Intelligence: Object Detection with AI

Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System

The VAI-100 Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System for material handling equipment and other industrial trucks empowers our customers to manage and control vehicle operations effectively, efficiently, and safely. The smart video solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reliably detect humans, vehicles and other objects in the working environment of an industrial truck, e.g. forklift. State-of-the-art machine learning technology helps prevent damages, inventory loss, and last but not at all least, the danger to persons. Without special apparel and wearables.

Object Detection: No Apparel. No Wearables.

Main Features

  • AI camera for reliable object recognition
  • Innovative machine-learning technology
  • Automatically detects objects of interest (people, other industrial vehicles, etc.)
  • 120° field of view for up to 3 cameras
  • > 50 Scans/sec.
  • Automatic recognition of travel direction (forward/reverse)
  • Dual-area option (yellow and red) provides advanced warning and critical action based on proximity to the vehicle
  • Visual and audible driver notification of area breach and risk
  • Automatic, time-stamped capture of each area breach
  • Free configuration of objects (Personen, Fahrzeuge, etc.) frei konfigurierbar
  • Download of scans and events via Wi-Fi
  • Easy installation
  • Stand-alone and offline
  • OEM-neutral
Optional: Integration with ENTERPRISE fleet management solution for vehicle control, mapping and analysis of events

Stand-alone: Offline  |  With ENTERPRISE: Online.


VAI nameSystem Description

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the VAI-100 pedestrian and vehicle warning system constantly monitors the driving path. The camera-based video solution scans the working environment more than 50 times per second and automatically distinguishes between forward and reverse travel. As soon as an object (person, vehicle, etc.) breaches defined safety areas, the forklift driver is immediately warned acoustically and visually. He/she can immediately take countermeasures and avert the danger. Without special tags or wearables.

The safety areas are color-coded according to the level of risk: yellow for warning and red for alert. The camera immediately records an area breach and creates an event which are available for subsequent download and analyses, as are the scans.

Before commissioning, you set the individual parameters once and can be adjusted at any time: industrial truck model/type, driver, distances for the two safety areas, object types (people, vehicles, etc.). The VAI-100 stand-alone pedestrian and vehicle warning system works on every industrial truck.

For more detailed evaluations, we recommend integrating it with our ENTERPRISE fleet management - which is possible at any time.

Less Accidents. Less Cost. More Safety.

  • Drastic reduction in accidents thus lowering property and product damage
  • Raising personal safety
  • Recognition of critical building areas and weak points in the process organization
  • Increased attention when handling industrial trucks
  • Fast implementation of the most diverse and complex automation tasks
  • Cost reduction

arrow white  The new VAI-100 Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System is available for immediate supply.


The System


  • System-Kit:
    - AI camera (28 x 12 x 11 cm)
    - I/O module
    - LED beacon (yellow,red) with alarm

Display and video module


  • Wi-Fi


  • InFocus Application

Configuration, Downloads, Analyses


powerfleet dummy

Software & Communication

After you have installed the system-specific software application InFocus on your laptop, you configure all individual parameters: industrial truck by type/model, driver's name, object type (person, vehicle, etc.), dimension of the safety areas. This data is then simply fed into the camera via Wi-Fi. And off you go! Conversely, scans and events are also downloaded in this way for your subsequent evaluations.

For more detailed analyses and online use: 
arrow white  Integration with PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE Fleet Management


For optimal safety, integrate the VAI-100 pedestrian and vehicle safety into our  our PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE fleet management. To do this, the AI ​​camera is simply coupled with the ENTERPRISE hardware, the VAC4S. Data is transmitted online and automatically to the VisionPro management software, where it is evaluated and provided in the VisibilityTool for events and trend analyses. The integration of VAI-100 into existing PowerFleet® ENTERPISE installations can be retrofitted at any time.


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