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stoer 40Warning Lights.
For forklift trucks. For cranes.

Optical warning when it is loud.
Enjoy even safer intralogistics thanks to our FOREWARNER warning lights.
They are particularly useful in a loud working environment. Designed specifically for forklift trucks,
cranes and other industrial machinery.

Day-to-day life is loud and hectic in many companies with forklift trucks moving all over the place. Overhead cranes are moving from one place to the other. Heavy and, in many cases, hazardous goods are being transported. It is impossible to stop pedestrians and industrial trucks or other movable goods from encountering each other, resulting in high safety and accident risks. Acoustic alarm signals are often not heard. Visual or optical warning systems are therefore more important than ever in a loud working environment. Our high-quality and robust FOREWARNER safety warning lights provide a safe solution to all fleet operators in order to protect their personnel, equipment and materials from hazards.

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  • Enhanced safety of pedestrians, drivers, other ground staff, equipment and materials
  • Reduced costs thanks to fewer accidents
  • Easy installation

Forewarner MAXI

for overhead cranes

MAXI white singleMAXI red blueforewarner MAXI web

The powerful warning light.

MAXI is the powerful warning spotlight for overhead cranes. It projects a solid RED or BLUE tightly focused 24 LED spot or line (by using a standard snap-on lense) on the floor and thus alerts pedestrian workers to an overhead crane’s hook location and/or load.

Optionally: Use four FOREWARNER-MAXI to create a light box and “fence off” the area of danger visually.


  • 24 CREE-LED
  • Colour temperature: 6000 K
  • Lumens: 12000 lm, 8400 lm
  • Power: 120 Watts – 72 Watts
  • Working life: 50,000 hours
  • Working temperature: from -40° up to 85 °C
  • Power supply voltage: 9 - 36 VDC
  • Size: 220 x 98 x 234 mm
MAXI datasheet

Forewarner SPOT

forewarner bluemini re

Spotlight in Blue or Red.

Forewarner BLUE or RED pedestrian warning light with 9 focused LEDs projects a solid blue or red tightly focused spot on the floor behind or in front (or both) of the industrial truck or other moving vehicle. Many clients have red in front and blue in rear. It is particularly effective on forklifts exiting an aisle or a trailer because people in the blind aisle see the blue light coming.


  • 9 focused CREE-LED
  • Power: 45 Watts (blue), 27 Watts (red)
  • Colour temperature: 6.000 K
  • Working life: ≥ 50,000 hours
  • Power supply voltage: 12, 24, 36 or 48 VDC
  • Size/diametre:  Ø 14 cm

Installation to all makes or model forklifts - internal combustion or electrics utilizing up to 48 volt batteries.

Datasheet Lights


Forewarner SIDELINER

forewarner bluemini re

Green LED or Laser Sideliner.

Der Forewarner LED oder Laser-Seitenscheinwerfer wirft eine lichtkonzentrierte, grüne Linie an der Fahrzeugseite auf den Boden. Hierdurch entsteht über die gesamte Fahrzeuglänge ein klarer, seitlicher Begrenzungseffekt und eine optimale Kennzeichnung des Gefahrenbereiches. Die SIDELINER-Warnleuchte wird oftmals auf beiden Fahrzeugseiten installiert, um die Sicherheit von Personen, Staplern und Material im Arbeitsbereich zusätzlich zu erhöhen.


  • Green LED or Laser
  • Spannung: 230 V
  • Maße: 65 x 65 x 55 mm

Aufgrund der geringen Abmessung ist die Warnleuchte für die meisten Flurförderzeuge geeignet.

Datasheet Lights


Our FOREWARNER warning lights all feature the following:

  • Made of heavy-duty die cast aluminium
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets for easy installation
  • IP67 rated (for indoor and outdoor usage)
  • CE/RoHS-approved (ISO 9000)

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