Far reaching benefits

Our comprehensive management systems for industrial trucks enable not only the bi-directional exchange of information in real time but also its analysis – using the parameters that you have stipulated. This allows highly efficient control of your fleet – resulting in the following benefits:

  • Optimised overall costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced safety
  • Higher levels of efficiency

Avoid impact damage and reduce repair costs

Should an accident or an impact occur, it will be noted by a sensor on the vehicle and will trigger an audible or visual alarm. Our systems record the date, time and driver ID and send it in real time by e mail to a PC or by SMS to a phone. If required, creeper mode can be triggered. To release creeper mode the operator either fills out an impact checklist or the system can be set up to ensure prior inspection from a supervisor. Costs incurred from impact damage or repairs can therefore be drastically reduced.

Increase safety and responsibility

Using freely programmable electronic data carriers enables you to authorise which drivers are allowed to use which vehicles. This ensures that only trained operatives can drive your trucks, that trucks are not “borrowed” or inappropriately used by other departments. Our systems are compatible with most current company IDs such as access or vending machine badges, which can serve as electronic vehicle keys. Furthermore, the software can be programmed to incorporate a number of additional functions – to provide, for example, information such as expiry of authorisation or to disable the operation of vehicles requiring maintenance.

Optimise fleet size and productivity

Operational times can be broken down into vehicle groups, departments and or employees (Log-in, idling time, vehicle lifting activity, load lifting times).  This allows you to evaluate various productivity metrics and take any measures required for optimum fleet utilisation. Automatic shutdown of vehicles after a pre-specified idling time saves on battery power or fuel and can help reduce overall CO2 emissions.

More efficient service and maintenance

Maintenance schedules can be planned around the actual operating hours of a truck rather than by the calendar, thereby reducing service costs. Should any defects be discovered on the vehicle whilst carrying out technical checks with the electronic checklist, these can be wirelessly transmitted to the service department, making for more efficient use of time and resources.

Enforced inspection using electronic checklists

After logging in but before starting to drive, you can enhance the safety of your operators by requiring them to check the status of the vehicle using the electronic checklist. Should this inspection indicate that the vehicle is defective or unsafe to drive, the operator will automatically be logged out. The status of the vehicle will then simultaneously be transmitted to the service department for prompt notification of faults. This results in substantially reduced maintenance costs and down time.

Resource planning with real time location

At airports in particular, real-time location of ground support equipment is vital for allocation of resources and to ensure their speedy availability. Our systems make this happen.  Applications such as the optimisation of routes, geo fencing and/or speed limitation in danger zones help to reduce the risk of accidents and enhance safety procedures in the workplace.

Participate in Innovation

Do you have any ideas or requirements? Our product management and engineering departments may already be working on just what you have in mind – and if not we can collaborate with you. Our software and hardware developers are experienced at working in interdisciplinary teams to come up with new solutions for our customers. Get in touch to see how we can help!