The multifunctional industrial truck fleet management solution

PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE - Fleet Management safe and multifunctional

Get the best out of your forklift and industrial truck fleet resources with PowerFleet®.

PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE is the flagship product of our original manufacturer independent fleet management systems portfolio for industrial trucks and MHE. This user friedly system offers numerous benefits for companies - or enterprises - operating larger fleets, particularly across multiple sites. It can be expanded on a modular basis and the scalable menu navigation makes it intuitive to operate. OEM independent operation means that ENTERPRISE is also ideal for industrial truck fleets which may comprise a mix of different types of material handling equipment, from different manufacturers, and also applies to used forklifts.

The basic configuration of PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE provides a wealth of features which considerably improve the safety and productivity of your forklift and industrial truck fleets. These include:


  • Driver access using RFID cards such as plant ID cards, iButton® technology or PIN-based
  • Fully customisable electronic checklists e.g. for pre-operation and post impact checks
  • Impact damage recording which triggers reactions; e.g. creep mode after a severe impact or the activation of a checklist
  • Broad range of productivity analyses (log-in,travel, lift, load, idling)
  • PowerFleet hosted or client/server architecture
  • Data transfer via 868 MHz, customer Wi-Fi or 4G

Optional functions for individual vehicle
fleet administration and optimisation

In addition to the basic configuration, our ENTERPISE fleet management product features further high value and useful functions which can be augmented on a modular basis depending on the specific requirement you may have for your industrial truck fleet.


  • Lift load sensor
  • Tow sensor
  • Real time location, indoors and out
  • Battery and charger management
  • Job coding, for better evaluation of working procedures
  • Alerts sent to a driver, a vehicle, a group or the fleet with answer function
  • Data import from your HR system
  • Monitoring of temperature and/or oil pressure
  • Monitoring of handbrake
  • PowerFleet IQ - our innovative business intelligence tool, which enables detailed benchmarking of data. Particularly for use with large fleets across multiple sites in order to facilitate best practice and to ascertain the potential for cost savings.
  • Plus many other high value features …

Thanks to its array of functions, PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE can be individually tailored to the size, procedures and requirements of your operation and can be modified at any time.

Software & Wireless: Know what is happening - now

Objective monitoring, more insightful analyses

 PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE collects data, communicates and measures constantly in real time. Data communication between each individual forklift and industrial vehicle. ENTERPRISE' multi-lingual management administrative software VisionPro is wireless, direct and bi-directional. Information on all activities such as operational hours, performance data and any damage is transmitted to the laptops or mobile devices of vehicle fleet managers. Comprehensive analyses and reporting functions enable users to get a clear picture of the all information, to process it and to make appropriate and targeted evaluations. This provides a constant overview of the deployment and productivity of every single piece of material handling equipment as well as the entire fleet.    statistik3 EN impact reduction

The extensive software functions offer significant potential for improvement in the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Maintenance intervals
  • Fleet optimisation
  • Cost savings

PowerFleet® ENTERPRISE provides you with the platform to make efficient decisions to advance the success of your business.

Open for your IT applications

Open interfaces enable our MHE fleet management software to be seamlessly integrated into your lT applications for easily compatible processes. ERP software for example including SAP.

Constant connectivity, ongoing improvements

Your forklifts, industrial vehicles and other equipment are the cornerstone of your handling operations. We developed PowerFleet® ENTERPRIE to give you continuous access to operational data which will help your company to achieve ongoing improvement and to manage processes smarter and more quickly.  

In order to provide you with the exact hardware and software solutions that you need, we encourage our customers to get actively involved in the innovation process. If you have any suggestions or special requests, let our customer service know! 

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