Fleet management for small MHE and industrial truck fleets

PowerFleet® ESSENCE: Manage small forklift fleets simply smart.OC53ontruck edited verkleinert

PowerFleet® Essence is the intelligent and OEM-agnostic fleet management solutions that deliver regulatory compliance, automated safety, and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) now also for small MHE fleets such as forklift truck fleets.

It ensures site managers in warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, retail and construction environments can have peace of mind knowing that only certified operators are using their equipment, when they have completed required safety inspections, and how their equipment is operated to reap the savings of safer industrial truck operations. 

PowerFleet® Essence is designed for simplicity:
from simple installation, simple and intuitive use, simple configuration and set-up to simple management.


No I.T. Department Needed. Now that's Easy.

This entrance fleet management solution consists of only two system components:

The truck hardware Operator Console OC53 and the management App.

OC-53 is easy to install out of the box. Get electronic record keeping and safety checklists to automate your business. No need for IT departments, and we ensure that your operations are compliant, efficient, and cost effective.

System features at a glance ...

  • Access Control with RFID-card or PIN-code
  • Flexible configuration of Electronic Safety Checklists
  • Impact sensing and recording
  • Data management via PowerFleet® Essence Control Center -App
    (per download from the Appstore (iOS) on iPad or iPhone
  • Bi-directional data communication via Bluetooth
  • OEM-neutral

... and if your fleet grows, Essence can easily be upgraded to PowerFleet® EXPERT without changing the vehicle hardware.

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Capture and Display

See all listed events and operating data as configured, all authorized operators for a vehicle, and the status of all active vehicles.


Create electronic safety checklists, impact detection and control parameters, and list all new vehicle operators.


Define access control, impact, sensors, checklists, shifts, hour meters, maintenance and much more.


Configure and display sensors and triggers for events such as seat and seatbelt switches, oil sensors and timeouts.


 PF EssenceBluetooth


Learn also more about our fleet management solutions PowerFleet® Expert and PowerFleet® Enterprise as well as about our additional program of warning systems.

For further information, please contact our sales team in the UK by phone +44-1908-888-250 or email saleseurope@powerfleet.com who will be happy to help you.