Expert Fleet Management for medium forklift fleets

PowerFleet® EXPERT: Manage your MHE fleet in the Cloud!

PowerFleet® Expert is the ideal OEM-neutral management solution to manage from medium up or large forklift or other industrial truck fleets. The system provides intelligent and innovative fleet management functions that deliver complete regulatory compliance, automated safety, a low total cost of ownership (TCO), and comprehensive fleet visibility and management.

This fleet management solution consists of only the truck hardware "Operator Console OC55" and a simple internet login into our cloud-hosted Infomatics-management software. No need of cost intensive IT departments. Become the expert of fleet management with PowerFleet® Expert!

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Easy to install, use, and maintain, electronic record keeping, and electronic safety checklists, leverages your Wi-Fi networks, and ensures that your fleet operations are compliant, efficient, and cost effective.


Helping Create a Highly Performing Culture of Safety.

Quickly and accurately monitor utilization, productivity, damage, and safety compliance to find problem areas and identify potential solutions.

PowerFleet® EXPERT is the modular extension to PowerFleet's entry level fleet management PowerFleet® ESSENCE. If the fleet grows, ESSENCE can easily be upgraded to PowerFleet® EXPERT without changing the vehicle hardware.


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Low Total Cost of Ownership

PowerFleet® Expert is affordable, easy to install solution that supports Wi-Fi infrastructure (2.4 & 5 GHz) combined with the Infomatics management software.

Full Automation

PowerFleet® Expert automates record keeping and leverages the latest technology to ensure safe operations and prevent unauthorized usage.

Reguatory Compliance

PowerFleet® Expert automates the recording of key data to provide proof of compliance with regulatory statutes and mandates.

Visibilty and Management

PowerFleet® Expert delivers total visibility and management, with control and views that can be tailored to enterprise, sites, or even departments.


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