Top-3 automotive manufacturer decides for PowerFleet

Forklift for Auto PR2I.D. Systems has reached an agreement with several divisions of one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers to purchase their PowerFleet® industrial vehicle management solution to control, track, and maintain forklifts in multiple manufacturing operations in U.S.

The order includes products and services totaling $2.8 million (2,25 Mio. €) to maximize safety and efficiency in the customers’ operations and will be deployed in four U.S. sites in 2018.

I.D. Systems’ patented PowerFleet® MHE fleet management solutions help improve supply chain safety and productivity by restricting vehicle access to only trained and authorized operators, providing electronic vehicle inspection checklists, and sensing and reporting vehicle impacts. In addition, PowerFleet® reduces fleet maintenance costs by automatically uploading vehicle operational data, reporting equipment problems, scheduling maintenance according to actual vehicle usage rather than by calendar or manual data entry, and helping determine the optimal economic time to replace equipment.

“We are proud that several of the largest automotive manufacturers are I.D. Systems customers and are consistently choosing PowerFleet® to help ensure safe and efficient operations in their manufacturing and warehousing operations,” said Chris Wolfe, CEO of I.D. Systems. “We’ve been supporting the automotive industry for many years now, and we continue to deliver innovative and reliable solutions for top manufacturing operations so they can remain safe and drive productivity improvements.”