25 Years of Experience: I.D. Systems!

25.1We have every reason to celebrate. 25 years ago, a couple of students got together and started a revolution in how to manage high-priced mobile assets in material handling, using RFID technology – the birth of I.D. Systems. I.D. stands for the wireless identification of these assets.

The journey ever since has been dominated by innovation and an open ear for the demands of the customer. Thus, I.D. Systems was able to grow, going public at the NASDAQ 1999 already. Our path took us to being an internationally leading, OEM-independent supplier of smart fleet management solutions. Today, in the world of IoT and Industry 4.0, we can offer not only the system solutions to manage your fleet, but also the analysis tools to deal with Big Data, to make it meaningful and help you make the right decision. We currently offer our solutions for industrial trucks, containers / trailers and in the area of connected car services.

By joining forces with Keytroller in the US last year, we have been able to broaden our product offering, providing solutions not only for every size of fleet but also additional safety equipment. Please stay tuned to learn more or contact our team.