Working together for innovative solutions

Your ideal solutions will be state of the art yet tried and tested, which exactly match your individual requirements. To this end we not only have our own R&D department – we also work closely with a wide variety of manufacturers; of forklifts and industrial vehicles, ground service equipment, batteries, charging devices and intralogistic software. This joint co-operation enables us to turn individual products into total comprehensive solutions, which can be easily integrated into the prevalent environment.

Are you looking for a very specific solution? Then get in touch! We can also talk to our partners on your behalf if you so wish.

Our partners

Industrial Truck Manufacturers – rather than purchasing direct from us, many of our larger customers prefer truck manufacturers to purchase our vehicle hardware from us on their behalf. This can be included in the financing package resulting in the end user having just one lease payment for their trucks. We also work closely with industrial manufacturers on the engineering side: we have for example designed a standardised plug which allows simple plug-in installation of our PowerFleet® product. This connector plug can now be ordered for factory fit with eight leading European idustrial truck manufacturers.

Battery and Charger Manufacturers – we work closely with battery and charger manufacturers (conventional & fast-charge) both in the United States and Europe to facilitate battery and charger management using our fleet management solutions. Want to find out more? Please contact us.

Our sales and distribution partners

To make our solutions even more easily accessible for you, we work together with a team of sales and distribution partners.

Distributors & Re-sellers – in certain international locations which are not covered by our own sales team we sell through distributors and re-sellers. We can sign a simple "Finder's Fee" agreement, or, should a partner also want to install our products and train their customers to use our solutions, we sign what is termed a "Value Added Reseller" Agreement.

Forklift Dealerships - the majority of our didBox® product sales occur through forklift truck dealerships. If you are a dealership interested in becoming a reseller of our products, please contact us at +44-1908-888-250 or email us at

Are you interested in joining this network? Our sales team would be happy to hear from you!