Service that suits –
for the lifetime of your product

You want solutions that integrate seamlessly into your organisation and which will function reliably for the lifetime of your products. In order to ensure this our service is not only competent but highly individual. From initial consultation to process analysis through to effective installation and integration into your own IT infrastructure – this is all part of our service - on a global scale.

Maintenance, repair and support
We offer a package of services to minimise operative risks and to prevent disruption. Our innovative software allows remote access to our system installation at your plants, so that we can run a system check with no need for a site visit or disruption to your work schedules. This lets you get on with your core business without having to worry about unexpected outages, maintenance schedules, ordering spare parts or dealing with service technicians. The common factor in our service, advice and support is that they are all customised to your requirements. Tell us what you want and we will supply it. Our individual contracts are based on exactly what you need in terms of performance and time scales.

So that you know how to make the best use of our solutions, we offer training for your drivers, managers and IT specialists according to your needs - on site or by means of web seminars.

Standardised interface connector for vehicles
Eight of the leading industrial truck manufacturers already offer our standardised interface connector which is fitted at the factory. If your manufacturer does not offer this - no problem. We will retro fit your truck on site.